Evolve Electric Skateboard

So you’ve probably heard of the evolve electric skateboard bamboo series and carbon series. There are slight differences between them. Both series are made of the finest materials, giving you a very decent quality. We have reviewed both series; their differences and their highlights too. Read on for our evolve electric skateboard review to determine which skateboard would suit your needs.

Evolve Electric Skateboard: Carbon Series

evolve electric skateboard carbon

It might look like an ordinary skateboard to you. However, this skateboard is specially designed for the extremist electric long-boarder. The evolve carbon series is made with Kevlar and high grade carbon fiber. This board can travel over any type of surface and it has been designed to be ridden in any terrain, whether its hills, mountains, pavements and even dirt. The evolve carbon series is also very discreet and quiet. The only disadvantage of this board is it can take up to 4-5 hours to fully recharge. However, an upgrade is available. This upgrade will allow your board to fully recharge for around 2 hours.

The 350 watt (700 watt max output) brushless electric motor offers incredible torque and assists with smooth, controllable (ABS) braking. This skateboard is also very light; it weighs 23 pounds (10Kgs.) It has a top speed of 38km per hour and it can load up to 100kgs! It also has regenerating braking, which makes it ideal for people who want to hit long trails.

Evolve Electric Skateboard: Bamboo Series

evolve electric skateboard bamboo

The evolve bamboo series is light and extremely powerful. It also has a slim and elegant appearance. This board is perfect for having fun. It offers an exhilarating ride and there is no need to push, like you need to on a regular skateboard. The evolve bamboo series is made of the highest quality of bamboo that is available. The other great features of this board is: regenerative braking and interchangeable wheel setup. Like the evolve carbon series, the evolve bamboo series is also super quiet. The evolve bamboo series places a formula-one style directly under your feet, giving you the ride of your life.

The evolve bamboo series weighs around 17.5 pounds (8kgs.) Like the evolve carbon series, it also has a top speed of 38km per hour and it can load up to a 100kgs. The evolve bamboo series also has regenerative braking and the best part is, its braking is smooth and controllable. This will prevent you from getting thrown off.