Boosted Board Review

You’ve probably been wondering what this boosted board thing is about. Well, many skateboarders have claimed that boosted boards are simply the best. Truth is that boosted boards are not only more powerful but they also climb hills and tougher pavements better in comparison to regular electric skateboards.

If you are still a novice when it comes to skateboarding, you probably didn’t know this; there is a boosted dual board and single dual board. There are some differences between these two. Read our boosted boards review for information and everything you need to know about boosted boards before you purchase one.

boosted board review

The Pros and Cons of the Dual Boosted Board

The Pro’s

  • It is beautifully designed, it comes in a variety of colors and some of them are colorful. It is quite long and it also doesn’t draw too much of attention.
  • It is very light, it weighs around 15 pounds, other regular boards weigh around 2-3 time more than this boosted board. It also has a speed of 20mph.
  • It charges very fast; some say as little as 30 minutes to fully recharge even when it is completely flat. It can even be ridden with a dead battery, which is advantage over other electric skateboards.
  • It has a remote with LED lights, which makes it very safe for skateboarders who ride at night and for those who use it as a mode of transportation.
  • It has regenerative braking, which means every time you break on this boosted board, it generates energy. Which means less charging time.
  • It has an adjustable max speeds.

The Con’s

  • It cannot be ridden in wet weather or wet areas, even if it is just slightly wet. The slightest amount of water that comes in contact with the board can cause damage to it.
  • It can be difficult to ride when the battery is dead, though it is still possible to ride, it is more difficult to actually move.
  • You can get thrown off if the remote signal is lost. When riding at high speed, your remote signal can be lost due to outside interferences which causes you to get thrown off. 

The Pros and Cons of the Single Boosted Board

The Pro’s

  • You can get purchase a board with custom engraving, which is beneficial in case of theft.
  • It offers fast charging. You can charge it for 30 minutes and it will reach around 85% of battery life and if you charge it for 60 minutes, it will be fully charged.
  • It weighs 13.5 pounds which is also one of the lightest boards on the market.

The Con’s

  • It is less powerful than the dual boosted board.
  • If it has custom engraving on it, it cannot be returned, should you have any problems with it.
  • The battery life is poorer in comparison to the boosted dual board.